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Lakeland High School, located in Suffolk, Virginia … is booming with Academic, Sports & Social activities for Students and Parents. The organization & participation in these activities help to build Student – Teacher – Parent relationships throughout the four years the Students are enrolled at Lakeland High School thus making education a very positive learning experience for the Students.

Academics @ LHS -

Lakeland High School not only offers Students academic scholarships for college while still attending High School, but LHS even gives the students an opportunity to attend testing events in preparation for College entry exams. These Scholarships & Testing Events build the students academic confidence which in turn increases the chances for Students to move on to College. Students taking the college prep exams are no longer in fear of these exams and the students even look forward to choosing a College with their parents when that time comes.

Sporting Events @ LHS -

Lakeland High School Athletic Department offers Students a wide variety of sports to choose from including Basketball, Track, Soccer, Tennis, Baseball, and more. Student athletes learn many character building traits like teamwork, perseverance, and work ethic when they are involved in sports during High School. Sporting activities are also a way to develop students social skills and build self esteem. Not only are the social skills and self esteem of the students strengthened, but those of the parents are equally impacted from a sense of pride in watching their children participate in sports.

Social Events @ LHS -

Lakeland High School Drama Club in conjunction with the LHS Choral Department, a well as the LHS Orchestra will soon be performing what has come to be the talk of Virginia amongst the students, teachers, & parents alike. LHS Students will proudly be doing a musical hit about the Roaring 20′s called “Flapper.” The play is schedule to start on April 26, 27 and 28, 2012 at 6:30 pm and on April 29, 2012 at 2:30 pm. Everyone that is anyone is invited to attend and watch these amazing students perform.

Collectively, Lakeland High School has truly created a very positive learning environment for the students enrolled there, as well as a sense of extreme pride for both the Parents and Teachers watching these amazing children grow into young adults.